About Us

SAMPE-Los Angeles (LA) Chapter is made up of professional Material & Process engineering volunteers that provide member meetings, presentations and tours to facilitate technical knowledge transfer for the composites, aerospace and defense industries. SAMPE-LA supports students at local schools ranging from Doctorial Program Universities through to Middle School STEM Programs. In addition to these activities, SAMPE-LA interacts with other organizations such as local city government.  

Overall, SAMPE-LA has continued to provide free tours and presentations to its members resulting in advancement in four major areas as follows:

●  SAMPE Members – Providing a forum for knowledge transfer of leading-edge technology.

●  Industry – Promoting company’s capabilities to attract potential customers.

●  Schools – Providing students an introduction to the composites, aerospace and defense industries.

●  SAMPE Organization – Proving support of SAMPE North America initiatives.  

SAMPE-LA is an evolving chapter in that recently, presentations are being made virtually on Zoom. This allows SAMPE-LA to cast a larger net for presenters and presentations.

In summary, SAMPE-LA is a central element of technology transfer. Members are shown the latest methods used in composites, aerospace and defense industry.  By combining the strengths of ongoing business with the research laboratories of prominent Universities, people can build on various knowledge bases to create new innovation.  And that new knowledge is introduced to others in presentations coordinated by SAMPE-LA.  Furthermore, SAMPE -LA brings together a diverse group of professionals to promote various composites manufacturing techniques.  Also, technology transfer is offered to all age groups and affiliations.